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Projects near and far

Renewable energy for a world in balance

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Our goal is to operate in countries and regions where we are most needed. Our projects aim to make as much difference to a community and to the individuals who live there as possible.

With our sustainable projects, we want to help provide the conditions for everyone to be able to achieve their goals, develop and feel safe.

In order to make the biggest difference, we create partnerships with local actors in the regions we implement projects.


GREB Foundation wants to be the bridge between people and their dreams.




In the northeastern parts of Rwanda the stream Bihongora runs. The area alongside the river is battling heavy rains, erosion and poor soil. Many of the area’s inhabitants lack safe and reliable energy and have a shortage of clean water.

Most of the children in this region have never seen or used a computer and the distance to the nearest community centre is up to 25 km.


Some of the issues that are crucial to solve is that although there is milk given by the cattle, up to 60% of it goes to waste due to not being able to cool it down fast enough. The area also faces agricultural challenges that could partly be solved with technical solutions and further education.

The key to be able to make a change is energy.

The project that the funds raised will go towards is aiming to contribute to a sustainable energy supply which includes a hydro power plant, sustainable aquaculture businesses and local mini-grids.

The expected energy output of the project is 25,780 MWh/year. 

There also will be investments in processing diary and crops, e.g. potatoes to help the local farmers develop their farming. Furthermore, a women’s cooperative, a library and a community centre is also included in the plans for the area. All to empower the community and help build bridges to people’s dreams.

The project is managed by East African Power (EAP). To learn more about them and the project visit EAPs website for contact and further information.

If you like to contrubute to this project directly, you will find the payment options below in the footer. Label your contribution with "Bihongora".

For sums exceeding 10 000 SEK, please contact us in advance.

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