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We are always looking for partners for collaborations all over the world.

If you and your organization or company want to create impact together with us, get in touch.

How to become a partner

  • Choose if you want to support a project or want to become a supporting partner. Ongoing and upcoming projects are stated under the category projects.

  • If you choose to become a business partner, pick your level from the three levels presented below. 

  • Send us an email to start the process. With your partner package there is a kit suitable for all your communication and marketing. 

Utkast sigill GUL.png
Utkast sigill BLÅ kopia.png
Utkast sigill GRÖN.png

For further information about what's included please give us a call or send us an email and we will take it from there.

For Swedish partners


Sustainability supporter - 1 000 €

Picture for SoMe free to use as you like.

Climate contributor - 5 000 €

Film and pictures for SoMe etc.

Planet partner - 10 000€

Information throughout the year from the project you support. Film and pictures for SoMe etc.

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