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Who we are and where we came from

This world is unbalanced, both regarding our climate and fair conditions.

The least we can do is to work for the opposite.

Our dedication is to make a difference globally with renewable energy.


Our focus is to contribute to the field of green energy.

We intend to cooperate closely with like minded operators to create balance.

With our initiatives and sustainable projects we promote fair conditions for those people who need it the most.


This is our core.


We hope to connect with you to make a green impact that counts.

Our history began with one of our founders and his previous engagements. He found himself working in East Africa in rural villages and there got to experience first-hand what a contribution to safe and sustainable energy really meant to the communities .

The projects where in collaboration with local initiatives and aimed to electrify schools and libraries.


A thought what this could bring in extended collaborations and what could be when resources were provided to those in need. Along the way likeminded people teamed up and by the early start of 2022 the foundation saw daylight for the first time.


What we do

Togheter with likeminded for a balanced world

We are always looking for partners for collaborations all over the world. If you and your organization or company want to create impact together with us, get in touch.

GREB Foundation wants to be the bridge between people and their dreams. We believe this is best done in collaboration with local actors and together with other like-minded people.

We initiate projects to create better living standards, contribute to sanitary solutions, development and education.

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Our journey


GREB was founded

Our foundation saw day light and go connected to Connection group.

Our board

Bengt Palmquist

Therese Karlsson

Fredrik Stigebrandt

Anna Hedwall

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